joan rivers canceled fox news sarah palin Joan Rivers vs. FOX News: Canceled for calling Sarah Palin 'stupid and a threat'?

We all know Joan Rivers has a sharp tongue, but she can also tweet up a blood bath. Just ask Lindsay Lohan.
So, who is on Joan’s cutting board now? Our favorite “can-see Canucks,” Sarah Palin and the FOX News network! Apparently, while promoting her new show on WE TV, “Joan Knows Best,” with her daughter, Melissa Rivers, Joan made some disparaging comments about the former vice presidential candidate and reality star to TMZ surrounding Palin’s “blood libel” comments.
“I was cancelled from FOX for saying Palin is ‘stupid and a threat,’ Joan tweets. “Wait till I REALLY shock them with Aretha Franklin is a bit chubby!”
According to Popeater, Joan and Melissa say the network lied when it denied their Thursday (Jan. 19) appearance on “FOX and Friends” was canceled over the statements she made about Palin and chalked it up to overbooking.
“We get a call this morning,” Melissa tells the site. “[Saying,] ‘You’re canceled on FOX because of what you said about Sarah Palin.'”
Joan says she’ll even take a lie detector test to prove that she and her daughter are telling the truth. And when Popeater asks her if she’d return to the show if FOX News asked her back, Joan had some choice words for the network saying, “[they can] go f**k themselves.”
Who do you believe? Joan and Melissa or FOX News?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog