If there’s anyone who hasn’t realized yet that Joan Rivers does whatever she wants, this should certainly do the trick. The “Fashion Police” host was promoting her new book on “CNN Newsroom” when she decided she didn’t like the line of questioning.
Rivers was speaking to anchor Fredricka Whitfield during a taped interview Friday (July 5), when the host asked the comedian if she was too mean. She pointed to Rivers making Casey Anthony and Princess Diana jokes in her book as proof. “Life is very tough. And if you can make a joke to make something easier, and funny, do it,” Rivers replied.
Whitfield then asked Rivers why she is wearing a fur on the cover of her book, if she speaks out against animal cruelty. “This whole interview is turning into a defensive interview,” Rivers said. It was then that Rivers decided to end the segment, declaring, “You are not the one to interview someone who does humor.” She then walked off the set.
At least it seems Joan has someone new to feud with after doing battle with Miss Piggy earlier in the year.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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