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Tuesday (Dec. 13), Jerry Sandusky and his defense team waived their right to a preliminary hearing. Lawyer Joe Amendola, the same lawyer who appeared on the famous “Rock Center” interview with Sandusky, was on “Today” Wednesday to talk about why.

Ann Curry first asks him about a plea bargain, which could have been a reason for the waiving of the preliminary hearing. Amendola says:

“There’s never been any discussions about plea bargains on either side of this case. I don’t anticipate there will be, Ann. Any sort of plea bargain that would be in the works would involve essentially a life sentence for Jerry Sandusky, given the nature of the allegations and the fact that he’s 67.

Jerry Sandusky has mtainined his innocence of the allegatons brought by accuser no. 1 three years ago and he’s maintained his innocence in regard to all of these allegations since then. There’d be no reason for Jerry to even consider a plea. He hasn’t and I don’t anticipate he will.”

Curry then asks a “difficult question” when she questions Amendola’s competence as a defense attorney.

“I’m competent to defend him, but the fact of the matter is that he’s facing an uphill battle,” says Amendola. “I think we have a defense, but as you know, when these charges were first filed in early November, the media and the public convicted Jerry Sandusky before he even had a chance to appear in court.”

Curry then questions whether he knew that they were not allowed to question the accusers’ credibility during the preliminary hearing.

“First of all, let me clarify something, credibility is never an issue at a preliminary hearing. That wasn’t something we discovered the day before. We waived for a very simple reason,” says Amendola. “The night before, the commonwelath attorney contacted me… in that conversation, he indicated thta he was going to request, following the hearing, an increase in bail … it’s very important to me and very important to Jerry that he remain out on bail so he can properly assist us and the defense team in the preparation of his defense.”

You can watch the whole interview in the above video. We have to say, that might be the best interview we’ve seen Curry do since she become lead anchor.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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