Vice President Joe Biden stood for photo-opp after photo-opp with the families of incoming Senators at the Senate Swearing-In ceremony. Never one to let boredom get the best of him, good ol’ Joe decided to put his mojo on the ladies in the room. Old ladies, young ladies … basically no ladies within touching distance were immune from Joe’s smarmy — er, uh, “charming” — ways.
The good folks over at TPM put together a highlight — actually, the term “lowlight” might be a more appropos — reel of Biden’s “friskiest moments” from the day.
“You are so pretty,” Biden tells a brunette in a red dress. “God love you, holy mackrel.” It’s one of the many lines he uses on repeat while close-talking and being creepily touchy-feely with the Senators’ wives, moms, and daughters.
Though the VP seems particularly partial to moms, Joe’s come-ons are nondiscriminatory of age, and at times, sex. Even a couple of men are subjected to the Biden seduction. “Spread your legs, you’re gonna be frisked,” the Veep says to one Senator, telling another, “You need any help on your pecs, let me know.” 
Well, at least he keeps it interesting.
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