joe francis retarded Joe Francis: 'Retarded' jury comments do 'not reflect my true feelings'

Joe Francis has upset a lot of people with his comments during a recent interview that the jury that found him guilty of assault and false imprisonment are “mentally f***ing retarded” and “should be euthanized.” Only a day after the interview ran in The Hollywood Reporter, Francis has come forward to apologize for his offensive words.

“I deeply regret the remarks attributed to me in the interview with the Hollywood Reporter,” Francis says in a statement. “They were hurtful and do not reflect my true feelings. While I disagree with the jury’s verdict as I am completely innocent of the charges and intend to appeal, I was afforded a fair trial, and if I lose at the appellate level, I will reluctantly but fully accept the jury’s verdict.”

One of the jurors Francis railed against already came forward and, in an e-mail published on Gawker, speaks out against the “Girls Gone Wild” founder’s drunken claims that the jury “should be shot dead.”

“It’s a little bizarre to have someone looking into a camera and suggesting you be shot, even if he has no idea what I look like since he never showed up at the trial. If anything, it reaffirms the decision we came to,” the juror writes. “I’m sorry Joe Francis didn’t like our decision, but I genuinely hope he takes this as a lesson that his actions do carry actual consequences — for him, for us, and most of all for the woman he assaulted.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz