joel mchale rumors im gay are glattering gi Joel McHale says gay rumors are flattering, Nathan Fillion is his man crush

Joel McHale says rumors he’s gay are taken as a compliment. The “Community” star and host of “The Soup” gave an interview to LGBT magazine The Advocate and spoke about hanging out in gay bars, getting naked on camera, and oral sex.
In the joke-filled Q&A — because what other kind of Q&A would he know how to do? — McHale criticizes men who get offended by rumors they might be homosexual. “It’s flattering,” he says. “I always find it really weird when guys flip out over someone thinking they might be gay. If a guy gets offended by that, there’s something’s wrong with him. I take it as a compliment.”
When asked, McHale reveals a list of his man crushes, which include Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion. Comedy crushes are also discussed. When discussing “The Soup’s” recurring segment, “Gay Shows,” McHale brands Ru Paul “a genius” and calls “It’s A Brad, Brad World” star Brad Goreski “really, really funny.”
McHale admits he doesn’t mind having his shirtless images passed around on gay blogs either. “Maybe I should start posting photos of myself naked with ‘Community’ written across my lower stomach,” he says. “As long as the comments about my body are positive, I don’t mind.” He’s also not bothered by the frequent propositions he receives from gay men, but when asked how he handles them as a straight man, McHale reverts to comedy. “Just a very quick, courteous b***job,” he says.

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