joey lawrence hair melissa and joey blossom Joey Lawrence turns 38: Which of the birthday boy's hairstyles do you like best?Whoa: It’s Joey Lawrence’s birthday on Sunday (April 20). The star of ABC Family’s “Melissa & Joey” is now 38 years old. It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 20 years since the Philadelphia native graced TV screens as heartthrob Joey Russo on “Blossom.”

Now he breaks hearts as heartthrob Joe Longo on “Melissa & Joey.” (Come to think of it, does he only play characters with his same name? Maybe he’s one of those people who just looks like a “Joe.”)

In honor of Lawrence’s big day, a poll: Which of his signature looks do you prefer? His luscious early ’90s locks, or the suave close-cropped look he’s currently sporting. Vote in our poll, because why not?

Posted by:Jean Bentley