john corbett John Corbett: 'Sex and The City's' Aidan is still fan favorite

John Corbett, best known from “Sex and The City” plays a Midwestern teacher of special needs kids in Hallmark’s “A Smile As Big As The Moon” Sunday (Jan. 29) and tells Zap2it how this movie resonates with him.
“The message of the movie is anything is possible if you just try, and you want it,” he says. 
His character, based on real teacher Mike Kersjes, defied all odds by encouraging his kids, who had a host of different problems, to work incredibly hard to be accepted into NASA Space Camp.
“You can achieve your goals, you can reach for the stars and anything is possible,” Corbett says.  “It is a good representation of how hard those kids worked and were bullied by the other kids in the school. They hunkered down and focused. I have a lot of buddies that things aren’t happening for them right now, whether in the entertainment business, or construction business. I just know from being out of work more than I work what I need to make stuff happen for yourself.”
No matter how much he has made happen for himself, Corbett still gets recognized most for his stint as Aiden, Sarah Jessica Parker‘s lover on “Sex and the City” and as the quirky radio personality on “Northern Exposure.”
“It’s a close tie for that and ‘Northern Exposure,’ and more young people stop and ask me if I were on ‘Northern Exposure,’ but mostly it’s ‘Sex and the City’,” he says. “What is funny is how many people have told me that they named their kids Aidan.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler