john oliver cookie monster vocab news John Oliver and Cookie Monster team up for best education newscast ever

“Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver is no stranger to making viral, exaggerated, headline-creating videos by now. However, when he teams up with America’s favorite cookie addict to teach children, and their parents, some new vocabulary words, things get more epic than they ever have before. 
The “Sesame Street” team produced the segment in conjunction with their “Words are Here, There and Everywhere” vocabulary initiative. While Oliver and Cookie Monster make quite the news team themselves, they also recruited the star power of Kate McKinnon, Al Roker, Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally. It’s a star-studded affair as the news anchors grapple with the hard-hitting issues like why is the word abbreviation so long and where has the letter “C” gone? 
Children will enjoy the silliness of Cookie Monster’s obsession with Oliver’s tie and Roker’s temper tantrum, but there’s just enough cheekiness for parents to be able to enjoy it while trying to educate their young ones. 

Posted by:Megan Vick