john travolta gi John Travolta bald: Caught without his hairpiece in HawaiiUp above is a picture of how we usually see John Travolta, with his dark hair swept back from his forehead. But while on vacation in Hawaii last week, he was photographed with decidedly less hair.

It’s something of an open secret that Travolta, who turned 57 on Feb. 18, has worn a hairpiece for a while, but he’s rarely been seen in public without it. The paparazzi shot of a perplexed-looking Travolta lounging in a canvas chair, however, reveals what “Seinfeld’s” George Costanza would call a “classic horseshoe pattern.”

Maybe his birthday present to himself was to embrace his male-pattern baldness. You can see Travolta’s hair or lack thereof in the clip below.

Travolta shows off bald head:

Posted by:Rick Porter