johnny knoxville ryan dunn Johnny Knoxville's Ryan Dunn tribute: 'I really need to talk to him but I can't'“Jackass” ringleader Johnny Knoxville wants the world to know that late friend Ryan Dunn (who died last week after crashing his Porsche outside Philadelphia, Pa.) had a distinct aroma.

“Dunn despised water and rarely bathed,” Knoxville writes in a memorial blog post about his friend.

But he also stresses that his friend and partner in crime, had a “pure, open heart.”

“I felt 34-percent funnier when I was with Ryan, but I guess everyone did,” writes Knoxville in the blog post. “He had such a hair trigger laugh reflex. He lived his life wanting to laugh and wanting you to laugh with him. He would cackle really f—ing loud, too, and it wasn’t uncommon that he would fall over from it. Sometimes I would fall with him because his spirit was very contagious.”

He continues:

“We all are because we loved you so much and now you’re gone. I know your spirit lives on in me, Angie, Bam and everyone you touched, but that’s pretty tough to see right now through the tears.”

Well said, Knoxville.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson