JoJo.jpgRemember JoJo?

Yes, when presented with the same question we immediately flashed back to 2004, when a 14-year-old JoJo belted “Leave (Get Out)” — a ballad wise beyond her years.

]]>“Too Little Too Late,” as well. Now at 20-years-old, JoJo is back with a new single titled “Other Chick” and yet again, we can’t help but find ourselves singing along. “Other Chick” is the singer’s first offering from her third studio album, “Jumping Trains,” due out this fall. Producing the album is Oak, who previously worked with Nicki Minaj. Listen to the track and read a few of the lyrics below. What do you think? Jojo – Other Chick by Interscope Records “You told me that she’s the girl you just look down on
You love me more ’cause I’m the one you put your mouth on
You don’t even look her way
‘Cause she’s so ‘effin yesterday But you pull up to the party

She in the passenger’s seat
I thought that girl was a joke
But she’s laughing at me Come to find out,

That I’m the other chick
And you never loved me
She was so over me
Now there’s no doubt,
That I’m the other chick
And you never loved me
‘Cause I’m just the other chick

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci