gosselin tax lien Jon Gosselin tax lien: Reality star owes $39,000 for three year old tax bill

Jon Gosselin has gotten out of the reality TV game, but he might be regretting that decision right now. It’s being reported that the IRS served Gosselin with a tax lien of $39,000 for money that he failed to pay the United States in 2009.

TMZ has the news, though Gosselin hasn’t responded to the report yet. 2009 was a big year for the Gosselins, as Jon and Kate announced they were getting a divorce and thus were forced into the spotlight more than they already were. TMZ reports that both Jon and Kate made much more than they expected to that year, which is likely a reason why Gosselin failed to pay the government all that was owed.

Since, Gosselin has taken a “totally normal person job.” That means he might not have the $39,000 on hand to pay back the IRS. Maybe it’s time for a “Jon Plus Debt” show to help cover the bills?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz