jon gosselin resized Jon Gosselin's broken contract with Kate Major: another legal battle?

Jon Gosselin signed a secret, hastily scrawled contract with Kate Major, hiring her as his personal assistant, agreeing to pay her a percentage of his “accounts” and silencing her from talking about their relationship.

As if Jon doesn’t have enough legal issues on his plate, reports that this “contract” could mean a new lawsuit against Jon for breach of contract and fraud. 

]]>“I, Jon Gosselin, will employ Kate Major as a personal assistant,” Jon wrote on July 28, 2009. Jon pledged that she could handle some — but not all — future accounts. He also wrote that she will receive a percentage of accounts for payment based upon her involvement.

Major quit her job as an entertainment magazine reporter just days earlier, after becoming romantically involved with Jon.

In her part of the contract Kate wrote, “Jon and I will not comment publicly about our relationship.”

Gosselin would later deny having a romantic relationship with Major, who cried on  TV interviews, talking about their weeks-long relationship. We’re talking weeks, people. has learned that the document was written during a weekend the couple spent together in a hotel.  .

Hailey Glassman, keep your distance. This dude sounds like bad news.

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