jon hamm daniel radcliffe words with friends gi Jon Hamm reveals Daniel Radcliffe is his Words With Friends partnerFrom co-stars to Words With Friends opponents?

In a recent interview with E! News, Jon Hamm revealed that he and his “A Young Doctor’s Notebook” co-star Daniel Radcliffe use the popular Scrabble alternative as a way of keeping in touch since filming wrapped.

“Because that’s basically the 21st century way of staying in touch,” Hamm says. The “Mad Men” star hopes to keep Radcliffe in his life, he explains. “I’m a fan of his. He’s a lovely guy. He’s wildly intelligent and super funny and super talented. I like to have people in my life who are all three of these things.”

Words With Friends has proven to be as popular among the Hollywood set as it has amongst the common folk. You’ll recall the incident in late 2011 when notoriously hot-tempered Alec Baldwin was booted from a flight for refusing to close the app and put his phone away.

Let’s hope Hamm and Radcliffe don’t let their love of the game escalate to that level.

Posted by:Billy Nilles