jon hamm polyp surgery jimmy kimmel live gi Jon Hamm talks throat surgery: 'Very routine procedure'Following a report recent that he was due to undergo throat surgery, Jon Hamm sat for an interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and tempered concern, admitting that it wasn’t much to worry about.

“I’ve got a polyp on my vocal cord,” Hamm told host Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday (Sept. 25). “Sounds worse than it is, but not as bad as the National Enquirer reported it, that I was coughing up blood and probably had cancer.”

After telling about the shock he and his family received upon seeing the egregious Enquirer article, Hamm calmed the worries of Kimmel and his fans, telling them his upcoming surgery was a “very routine procedure.” He didn’t offer many more details beyond that, but he certainly seemed in good spirits.

When Kimmel asked whether his new, thick beard was part of a character, Hamm joked that it was “a reflection of just how lazy I felt … I couldn’t make it to the bathroom to shave.”

As for how his stylist grooms the new thatch of facial hair, Hamm teased: “It’s a lot like that monkey in the beginning [of the show.] She just gets in there.”

Posted by:Billy Nilles