Jonandkateplus8_kategosselin_jongosselin_290 The “Jon & Kate Plus 8” attention sparked by tabloid reports of Jon Gosselin‘s alleged infidelity has caused delays with the show’s production, reports the LA Times.

The TLC reality show about Jon and his wife Kate Gosselin and their two sets of multiples, is set to premiere its fifth season on Monday, May 25 — only two weeks away — so all shooting for these first episodes should be in the can.

Unfortunately, the tabloid fallout from Jon being photographed with a young woman outside of a nightclub now has producers trying to figure out how to address the whole situation. In interviews, Kate had mentioned that the general effect of the tabloids on their lives will be covered, but not any particular stories (i.e. cheating).

Do you think the producers are trying to capitalize on the rumors or actually answer questions?


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