Jon Stewart continues his criticism of the media on “The Daily Show” in his latest episode (Jan. 30) as he highlights the way the media is downplaying the recent alleged felonies committed by Justin Bieber and Rob Ford while villainizing Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman because of his NFC Championship post-game rant.

As can be seen in the above clip, Stewart showcases several on-air news commentators who say things like how they sort of love Ford because of his antics. Many others refer to the Toronto mayor and Bieber as the “bad boys” of Canada. “What the f*** is going on in Canada?” Stewart asks. Meanwhile, Sherman was called a “thug” 625 times on television.

“They’re just a couple of playful scamps accused of committing major felonies. It’s not like they said things loudly in a post-game celebratory interview,” Stewart says of Bieber, Ford and Sherman. “Yeah, Richard Sherman’s a thug! The thugs aren’t the dudes accused of actual violent crimes. It’s the Stanford-educated cornerback who talked loud after the game. I can’t imagine why — I assume it’s due to some deep systemic bias … against Seattle.”

What do you think of the ways Sherman versus Bieber and Ford have been treated by the media?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz