China and Iran have entered the space race — albeit a few decades late — and Jon Stewart wasted no time mocking the attempts on “The Daily Show” on Monday (Dec. 16). Watch this “Space Race 1957” clip for some good laughs and possibly even a painful truth or two.

In case you missed the original news, China sent its Jade Rabbit probe to the Moon, where it made a successful soft landing and is expected to continue with scientific research. Meanwhile, Iran has sent a monkey into space — and brought it back safely.

The clip can best be enjoyed with some of Stewart’s best lines:

  • “Boom! Communist oligarchy slam!”
  • “If America named its spacecraft using Internet polls, the next Mars mission would be aboard the “USS Ron Paul 2012 #mileysux.”
  • “That is a monkey having a really good time …”
  • “He was given a hero’s welcome or, apparently, a Jewish wedding.”
  • “When we started out as a young nation, we didn’t go ‘Hey! Know how we can make our mark? Let’s make a Great Wall!’ Well, there are a lot of people here who would really love to build a Great Wall.”

In the end, Stewart gets to the sad truth underlying much of this humor: The American space program isn’t doing so well financially these days:

“Hey China, can we borrow some money to finish our Mars trip?”

Posted by:Laurel Brown