Jon Stewart has some words for “60 Minutes” after it was revealed that the news program’s key figure in their story about Benghazi was lying. He used his “The Daily Show” platform for a segment about the CBS News program’s “Meh Culpa” over acknowledging the major problem.

Pretending to be the “60 Minutes” execs apologizing, Stewart quips, “We thought of raising the ‘Is this true’ question before airing. These explosive allegations, but it’s such a pain in the a** to check and what if it was bulls*** and we’ve got these 10 minutes to fill.”

“60 Minutes” discovered the mistake when it realized that the witness’ FBI account is different than what he told the news program. Stewart clearly does not think that’s a very valid excuse.

“If you cannot trust an international mercenary existing in the netherworld twixt assassin and bounty hunter whose very livelihood is predicated on the flexible morality needed to survive in the chaos of lawlessness of failed nations, I mean, who can you trust?” he deadpans. “It’s like finding out Santa isn’t real.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz