jon stewart skewers cnn Jon Stewart slams CNN Boston bombing coverage: 'The human centipede of news'Media coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing has been particularly awful this week, with misinformation being “confirmed” left and right in the rush to report. On “The Daily Show” on Thursday night, Jon Stewart addressed CNN’s egregious error — their confirmation that a “dark-skinned male” had been arrested when in fact, none had, and both suspects that ultimately emerged are white.

The urge to report “exclusive” news first lead to major errors, and Stewart was not impressed. “There was a very good reason why this was exclusive … oh, it’s exclusive because it was completely f***ing wrong. That’s why it was exclusive.”

He was also frustrated by CNN coverage following their error, which basically consisted of them standing around baffled by their own mistakes. “You’ve spent an hour debating the merits of your own fiction … They have figured out a way to s*** in their own mouths. CNN has become the human centipede of news.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie