Jon Stewart has a message for Fox News. Let it go! The comedian spoke out on “The Daily Show” Monday (May 5) about FNC’s obsession with the Benghazi controversy. Four Americans were killed in Benghazi in 2012 due to a failure in government intelligence. While it was heavily covered at the time, mainstream media has moved on, to the disappointment of Fox News.

Stewart highlights the network’s extreme coverage of the two-year-old incident in addition to the constant discussions Fox features concerning all other media’s lack of interest.  The general consensus from the network is everyone else must not be aware of the facts of Benghazi, otherwise it would be at the forefront of the docket. To that, Stewart cheekily says “They think that after nearly 100 network news stories, hundreds of cable news stories, 13 congressional hearings, 50 further congressional briefings and 25,000 pages of official findings concerning what happened in Benghazi; that if we all only knew about it we would care?”

Check out Stewart’s commentary in the videos above and below.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins