orphan black season 2 emmys jordan gavaris Emmys 2014: What about 'Orphan Black' star Jordan Gavaris?With the 2014 Emmy Awards nominations due to be announced Thursday (July 10), Zap2it is making cases for the actors and shows that deserve some awards love, but would be surprising — and therefore very exciting — nominees.

If Tatiana Maslany doesn’t get her first Emmy nomination come Thursday, there will be rioting in the streets — or at least in the offices of many TV reporters, who are hoping the woman who plays all the clones on BBC America’s excellent sci-fi mystery, “Orphan Black,” will be one of the women nominated for their drama performances at the 2014 ceremony.

But after all of the well-deserved fanfare for Maslany, it’s sometimes hard to remember that the rest of the cast is giving incredible performances on a weekly basis too — and none of them are more impressive than Clone Club insider Jordan Gavaris, who plays Sarah Manning’s foster brother, Felix.

Gavaris is the one who’s usually stuck acting next to a tennis ball when there are multiple clones in a scene, and he’s the one who also does such a great British accent that it’s alarming to hear him speaking out of character.

Much like it’s jarring to watch the opening credits and remember that one woman plays all those characters, it’s also strange to see Gavaris, a normal-volumed, normal-dressing, not-British Canadian dude just chatting without all of Felix’s posturing.

So while Maslany’s inevitable Emmy nomination will be more than worthy of a four-clone dance party (and if it doesn’t happen, you may or may not see the buildings of your favorite publications in flames at the collective rage of every TV reporter in Los Angeles), wouldn’t it be great if Gavaris got some recognition too?

Posted by:Jean Bentley