These probably aren’t the continuations of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Firefly” you were expecting, but Joss Whedon is doodling the future and sharing it on Twitter.
At the behest of fans online, Whedon shared a pair of drawings, one for each of the two beloved shows. The one for “Buffy” is more funny than anything as Whedon boiled down the entire series to a formula, with Buffy shouting “Pun!” and the stake to the heart of a vampire who loves her labeled “metaphor.” What’s most important is she’s wearing “good fashion.”

The “Firefly” doodle, on a sheet of notebook paper, is way more important. The drawing has three characters: Mal, River and Wash. If you’re wondering how Wash could be there, after dying in “Serenity,” it’s simple. He has a speech bubble that exclaims, “I didn’t die!”
That’s right, Wash lives. It turns out whatever happened to Agent Coulson on “Agents of SHIELD” also saved everyone’s favorite pilot. You have to go along with it too. After all, these drawings came from Whedon himself. If that doesn’t make them canon, what possibly could?
Now it’s time for an Angel doodle, so the world can see what Spike is up to.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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