joss whedon twitter jossactual Joss Whedon officially joins Twitter

Joss Whedon might be beloved on the worldwide web, but he’s not savvy in all things Internet. Still, the man who brought us “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Firefly” has taken the dive to bring us all daily entertainment: He’s joined Twitter as @JossActual.

“It’s me! Joss! My own account! No more hiding under studio skirts! I’m FREE! @MuchAdoFilm @AgentsofSHIELD @Marvel @roadsidetweets #free,” he posts as his first tweet.

At press time, Whedon has only tweeted three times and has amassed over 56,000 followers. It seems as though he’s still getting the hang of how the tweeting thing works, as he still hasn’t replied to anyone — though he does understand the power of a good hashtag.

“MY account! I got strong opinions! I’m gettin’ POLITICAL! (Heads up, LEMURS.) And making wry observations about mundane stuff! #airlines,” he tweets. “I’m on a plane! I’m having tea! I’m wearing shoes! This is how twitter works, right? I tell you guys EVERYTHING. Great! #syphilis”

Previously Whedon has dabbled in Twitter by using other accounts. Back in March he took over “Much Ado About Nothing’s” Twitter to promote the film. “Hey it’s Joss. I’m tweeting. I’m a member of the twitterati. I hath tweeth’d. It’s on,” he tweeted at the time.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz