judy sheindlin returns dishes patric jones gi Judge Judy returning dishes to producer after ex wife's lawsuit

Judge Judy Sheindlin is throwing in the towel. After the ex-wife of one of her producers sued Judy over an expensive set of dishes and flatware, the TV judge is sending them back where they came from, TMZ reports. Sheindlin originally purchased the Christofle tableware from producer Randy Douthit, for $50,000. Douthit’s ex-wife, Patric Jones, says he legally shouldn’t have done that, as they were going through a divorce at the time, and the set was community property.
Jones also claims Judy got the dishes for way less than they were actually worth. She believes they carried a pricetag of $515,421.15, and she wanted Sheindlin to pay the full price, or return the dishes. It was later revealed that divorce documents listed the tableware with a price of around $100,000.
Now, Judy simply gives up. In reference to Jones, Sheindlin says, “She and her attorney want a circus and I refuse to be a further participant in their drama.” So she’s returning the dishes to Douthit, letting the two of them figure it out in their divorce court claim.
For his part, Douthit says he doesn’t even want the dishes. Though, now that he knows how much his ex-wife values them, he says they’re all hers once he gets a check for $250,000, or half of how much she claims they’re worth.
If only they could just get this all televised on “Divorce Court,” the circle will be complete.
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