Is the rumored “ER” movie actually going to happen? Not according to former leading lady Julianna Margulies. “The Good Wife” actress visited “Katie” and put to rest rumors that she and George Clooney will play Carol and Doug in a reunion feature film.

“This is how rumors start: I’m doing a press tour for the show, for the Television Critics Association, and someone says, ‘Well, you know, so and so, ‘Buffy the Vampire’s’ doing a reunion movie and so and so’s doing a reunion movie. Would you and George ever do a reunion movie?'” Margulies tells Katie Couric. “And I go, ‘Well, that’s hilarious. No.'”

She continues, “However, we always used to joke about that we should have the Carol and Doug wedding because we never had one on the show, and tell Warner Bros. — who produced the show — that we wouldn’t take a paycheck, we would just take a back end, and the whole movie would just be this wedding. It was a joke, and then the next day, [it was] all over the Internet. … We’re not.”

Margulies and Clooney appeared on “ER” from 1994 to 2000, with both making an additional appearance in the 2009 episode “Old Times.” Both have moved on to different places with their careers, but there’s no denying seeing them together again in an “ER” movie would be fantastic.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz