zorrilla idol Julie Zorrilla and her shoes wow on 'American Idol'What does it take to have Jennifer Lopez believe you are the next “American Idol”? Fabulous shoes of course!

Julie Zorrilla (who celebrated her 20th birthday the same day) wowed the judges with her glittery gold heels and rendition of “Summertime” at the San Fransisco auditions on Wednesday, Feb. 9. Randy Jackson even compared her to Season 3 winner Fantasia Barrino. High praise indeed.

Zorrilla is from war-torn Colombia where her mother says, “Life there was hard in the way the guerrillas always tried to get money from the people.” Her parents left the country without telling anyone and started over in America with their two children, something Zorrilla respects them immensely for. “It’s just so inspiring.”

Also inspiring was her performance of “Summertime.” Steven Tyler gushed, Randy gave her a “two hundred bazillion percent yes” and Lopez said, “Winner? Maybe.”

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