justin bieber harasses colette harrington at gym gi Justin Bieber accused of harassing DJ Colette Harrington at the gym   reportOh that Justin Bieber, little rascal. He’s just a young guy, out to have a little fun. Sometimes that fun includes posting a photo of his bare butt to Instagram. Would Justin get his kicks harassing fans, though?

TMZ reports that a North Carolina DJ was the target of Bieber’s mocking Tuesday, while she worked out at the gym in the RItz Carlton Hotel. The woman, Colette Harrington, claims that when she saw Bieber walk into the gym, accompanied by two men, she got excited and asked for a photo. Justin denied her request and she went back to her workout.

If it all ended there, that would be fine. However, according to Colette, Bieber and his crew took to mocking her workout. “I always count my reps,” she says, “Then Justin started imitating me and whenever I’d get to 20 he and his buddies would say, ‘Shut the f*** up.'”

That’s not the kind of talk that makes girls swoon. Colette ignored the mocking and continued on with her routine. Then things got taken a step further, as someone spit blue Gatorade into her bottle of water while she wasn’t looking. Harrington is convinced it was Bieber or one of his buddies. Not noticing something had been spit into her water, Colette took a drink. After her workout she filed a complaint with the hotel.

Bieber’s people say Colette is wrong. They admit Justin and his trainer were in the gym and they did make snide comments, but they were to each other and not Harrington.

The story has a weird, but happy ending, though. Colette kept the bottle with the blue Gatorade in it and is planning to auction it off on eBay and give the money to her local Ronald McDonald House.

Get bidding, Beliebers.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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