When Justin Bieber stepped out with Selena Gomez as boyfriend and girlfriend at the 2011 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, it turns out he was actually there with the girl of his dreams. Then 17, Biebs had been nursing a crush on the pop star for two years.

In a July 2009 interview with Los Angeles radio host DJ Skee (video courtesy of TMZ), a 15-year-old Bieber admitted that his celebrity crush was Gomez before quickly saying, “Nobody heard that.” Whether or not Gomez heard it, the two of them started hooking up not many years later and have been dating off-and-on ever since.

Watching this video also makes it pretty clear how much Bieber’s attitude has changed in the past four years. He was pretty darn adorable at age 15, though recently he’s been acting like a bit of a punk. Since Gomez and Bieber seem to be together for the time being, maybe they can watch this old video together and witness just how cute Bieber was when he was rapping those Tupac lyrics.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz