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Justin Bieber was a guest on the “Today” show Friday (Nov. 26) to hype his new acoustic album, but he dodged the biggest question of all.

]]>Amy Robach didn’t break any new ground in her interview with Bieber, rehashing his rise to stardom and the way Usher has helped the his career, some chat about the new album and his upcoming concert movie. But she read some e-mail questions from fans at the end of the segment, including the big one: Do you have a girlfriend? “Ummm … uh … pass,” is his answer. Which is either a great way to shield an actual girlfriend from masses of Biebermaniac hate mail (there’ve been rumors about Justin having a girlfriend, but not much concrete) or just a 16-year-old kid acting cagey. The other questions: Besides music, what else interests you? Are you thinking about college? Bieber: “I see myself doing this for a long time. Until something changes, I’m doing pretty well.” What are your Christmas plans? “I’ll be with my family.” The full interview — requisite plug for “My Worlds Acoustic” included — is up above.

Posted by:Rick Porter