bieber michael jackson movi Justin Bieber beats Michael Jackson's U.S. box office record: Can he measure up globally?Though Justin Bieber still has a very, very, very (x100) long way to go before he reaches Michael Jackson status, this bit of info might serve to give us some perspective on Bieber’s phenomenal cultural impact at the moment: He’s just beaten one of Michael’s many records.

Bieb’s film, “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never,” just surpassed the Michael Jackson postmortem hit “This Is It” as the most successful concert-themed movie ever. As of Sunday, Bieber’s flick had earned $72.2 million in the US box office, just sneaking past “This is It’s” $72.1 mil — and Bieber’s movie is still raking in money.

One thing Michael Jackson had that Bieber still hasn’t been able to garner is international box office clout. “This Is It” earned $189.1 million overseas — while “Never Say Never” has thus far earned less than $11 million outside the US.

Could Bieber’s career ever measure up to Michael Jackson’s? Catch up with us in 30 years and we’ll talk.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie