justin bieber amas Justin Bieber challenges ESPN's 'Mike & Mike' host to a battle of brawnNon-Beliebers might want to think twice before calling Justin Bieber‘s music “not listenable.” Unless of course, they’re willing to take him on in a little friendly competition.

As Bieber Fever was sweeping ESPN’s “Mike & Mike in the Morning” studio, host Mike Greenberg got a surprise phone call from Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun.

Braun had a very special message from the Biebs himself: Bring it.

“He wants you to accept a challenge,” Braun said on behalf of JB. “We’re going to play four sports one-on-one and we’ll see how much talking you do after that.”

Apparently Team Bieb was less than thrilled at hearing the host, often referred to as “Greeny,” do some Bieber bashing on the air.

“We’ve been listening to the show, so we heard how you said his music’s not listenable… So we were listening and we talked to some friends and we have some judges,” Braun explains. “I think we’ll get Shaq to be a judge, I think Ochocinco can help out. We got some guys who will come and watch this. We think it’s easy to talk on the radio, talk trash about a 16-year-old, but maybe that 16-year-old can show up on the field and show you up.”

Bieber was athlete of the year in his school for three years before hitting it big, and reportedly didn’t tell any of his classmates that he was musically inclined as well.

Greeny reluctantly accepted the challenge, agreeing to go one-on-one with Biebs in soccer, hockey, basketball and golf.

Our main man JB then hopped on the phone for a quick second to taunt the host, saying “Greeny, it’s on.”

No word on when the challenge will go down, but we’re excited to see who comes out on top. It’s like a real life Beliebers vs. Haters, but with an actual winner! Unless they tie. Which would be lame.

Don’t mind us, we’ll just be over here getting our “Team Justin” cheerleading outfits ready in the meantime.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci