justin bieber lil twist lil za threat Justin Bieber cuts Lil Twist, Lil Za ties   Did Twist threaten him?

It turns out three was definitely a crowd, so Justin Bieber has sent his Lil buddies packing. It seems Bieber has evicted Lil Twist and Lil Za after discovering jewelry and other items missing from his Calabasas, Cal. home.
TMZ reports that Bieber was enraged when he realized earlier in the month that the items had disappeared, and laid the blame on Twist and Za. He doesn’t know who took the items, but the two reportedly hosted several parties at Justin’s pad while he was out of town.
A source says that Bieber is finally starting to see the error of his ways, realizing it’s time to change how he’s been acting. Perhaps sending his freeloading friends away is the first step in a new direction.
As for Twist and Za, they can’t be too happy about being without a home. In fact, Twist sent a vaguely threatening tweet Monday night (September 23), which may be directed at Justin, reading, “U gone hate u did this s***.” Sounds like he’s dealing with the breakup really well.
In the meantime, Bieber’s touring break has come to an end and he’s over in Asia before jumping around the rest of the world, playing shows through December.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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