You never know when or where Justin Bieber will pop up unannounced. At the close of the Tuesday, May 12, episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” the “Girlfriend” singer made a surprise appearance as a drummer for the show’s house band. 
For those that don’t remember, in addition to singing, Bieber can play drums, guitar and piano.
What’s strange about the performance is he’s not referenced even once by Corden or band leader Reggie Watts. Instead, Bieber sits behind the band, pounding away on the drums. The appearance is the latest stop on what can only be described as the singer’s apology tour. He previously appeared on “Ellen” to discuss regretting his actions over the last few years, before participating in a Comedy Central roast and further apologizing in an interview with Seventeen.
Regardless of the reason, the surprise performance was definitely a shot to those in attendance, some of whom couldn’t contain their excitement and had to shout it at the world on Twitter.

It’s a good thing Bieber has a house band spot to fall back on, should this whole pop star thing not work out. In the meantime, he followed up his appearance by making a little music of his own, tweeting early Wednesday morning, “Good night in the studio.”
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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