justin bieber tweets worst birthday gi Justin Bieber has the worst birthday

Growing up is tough.

Maybe that’s the lesson Justin Bieber learned on the night of his 19th birthday — despite partying and motorcycles and being young and famous, the singer told us all that he had a bad time.

Poor kid.

Maybe he just set his expectations too high? Earlier on Friday (March 1), Bieber posted to Twitter about his excitement regarding the coming festivities. His first tweet on the big day read:

“Gonna be fun tonight. Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes. 19!”

This was quickly followed by

“#giveback today for my birthday”

It should be noted that Bieber did not explain what fans should give back. He probably did not mean to give back his own birthday gift — a brand-new, Batman-style motorcycle. You generally can’t return such things easily.

One final tweet expressed Bieber’s anticipation of a rocking celebration:

“Big night ahead”

Nine hours of Twitter silence followed this tweet. What was Bieber up to? How was he celebrating? Would the day live up to his every wish?

Alas, it was not to be. At some point during those hours of revelry and Justin-love, something went wrong. Very wrong.

“Worst birthday”

That tweet came after the celebration. What could have made this into such a bad birthday? When you consider that the singer — who is currently on tour in London — got a club for his party and a performance by  Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke (Bieber’s possible new girlfriend), the night should have been great. Nothing but fun, silly hats and loaning Ferraris to the wrong acquaintances!
What happend?

According to E!Online, the party died following a confrontation between the Bieber people and club security. Whatever the problem may have been, everyone associated with Justin Bieber went straight back to the hotel. Partying was over for the night.

At least Justin still has the motorcycle to console himself!

Posted by:Laurel Brown