UPDATE 3: Except that didn’t work either.

UPDATE 2: Justin Bieber is hosting a different live stream on UStream

UPDATE: Been wondering why this video isn’t working? Because too many people are on the live stream, and it’s not letting Justin Bieber in to host it. “alright so livestream isnt working.. soo im gonna figure something out,” he tweeted. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted.

Don’t expect to see Justin Bieber anywhere at the 55th Grammy Awards. He ended up not receiving a single nomination, causing his manager, Scooter Braun, to say the Grammy board “blew it,” but don’t expect Bieber to go down without a fight. After winning at hosting “Saturday Night Live,” he has decided to hold a live stream… that just happens to start at the same time as the Grammys.

“I’m gonna do an hour live video stream tomorrow at 8 est I’m gonna play some new music and answer questions send this to ur friend :)” he tweeted.

The live stream is above, so if you’re more interested in new Bieber music than the Grammys, make sure to tune in. Hopefully this is more exciting than his “Beauty and the Beat” music video reveal.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz