justin bieber lolly Justin Bieber looks ridiculous in 'Lolly' music video   Move over twerking

Apparently Justin Bieber raps now. 

In addition to bizarrely being Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s hype man before boxing matches, Bieber has taken his “talents” over to the R&B/hip-hop business, collaborating with Maejor Ali (formerly Bei Maejor) and Juicy J on “Lolly.” The single was released earlier this year, but the candy-colored music video just dropped on Tuesday (Sept. 17) … and it’s as heinous as you could imagine.

In case you don’t believe us watch the music video and check out what the new “twerk” dance move is … the “lolly dance.”

Bieber’s verses also include references to sipping Pellegrino, watching Netflix, and of course, the now-infamous “Molly” drug craze.

Watch the music video below:

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum