justin bieber wi 500 Justin Bieber releases 'Pray' music video on Facebook; Is YouTube a non Belieber?!

After Justin Bieber had his attempts to upload the highly anticipated video for his new single “Pray” brutally rebuffed by YouTube, he turned to Facebook to unleash its greatness to the world. This raises the question: Is Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg the greatest “Bieleber” of all-time?

]]>by tweeting, “I think we should release the OFFICIAL Video for “PRAY”…thoughts?” and then later, “Maybe I’m uploading the vid right now…maybe.” Soon after, he tweeted a link to the official music video on YouTube.

But then, tragedy. YouTube pulled down the video for copyright reasons, and Bieber was not pleased. Hell hath no fury like a teen star scorned. He tweeted, “Yo, YouTube, how u gonna block my own song?,” adding that he was going to “beat the system” by putting the video on his official Facebook page.
Bieber continued to stick it to the man by tweeting, “dear YouTube…we started this journey and now u r cheatin on me with this vevo chica…I see how it is…I will be over here with Facebook.” YouTube has yet to tweet back to these allegations.
To see the official music video for “Pray,” which Bieber debuted at the American Music Awards and said was inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror,” click here.

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