“Whitney” alum Chris D’Elia had a very, very special guest during a recent comedy gig at Los Angeles’ The Laugh Factory. While on stage, he called up Justin Bieber from the audience simply to tear apart his “ridiculous” outfit.

It’s pretty clear from the playful nature of this mini-roast that D’Elia and Bieber are friendly, but it’s still a refreshing bit to watch. Just like Zach Galifianakis’ “Between Two Ferns” interview, it’s nice to see someone else say what we’ve all been thinking.

Here D’Elia makes fun of Bieber’s harem pants, leather tank top, “swag” knee pads and jersey with no name on it. Bieber takes it all in stride as D’Elia comments that the pop star’s pants are so baggy in the crotch area that “hey, you don’t even know where my d*** is. … My d*** could be inside you.”

The money moment in the roast, though, comes when D’Elia says that this proves Bieber is “only f***ing himself,” to which Bieber responds, “And b****es.” Selena Gomez would love to hear that.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz