justin bieber getty Justin Bieber takes DNA test    your move, Mariah YeaterJustin Bieber has made good on his promise to take a paternity test to prove he didn’t father Mariah Yeater‘s baby.

According to RadarOnline, Bieber swabbed his DNA at a secure, camera-filled facility Friday night (Nov. 18). A source tells Radar, “The whole process lasted less than 10 minutes. It’s an extremely reputable facility, and there are surveillance cameras everywhere to ensure tests are done with integrity and can’t be compromised.”

Now that Biebs has done his part, it’s Yeater’s move. “Justin’s test should be processed and completed by the end of the week,” the source tells Radar. “It’s time for Mariah to put up or shut up, and submit the baby to the test.”

Still, the test might not mean the end of the baby mama drama. Apparently Yeater’s lawyers were unaware that Bieber submitted to the test, which means they might not accept the results (since the test wasn’t done according to their standards).

Posted by:Jean Bentley