bieber glasses Justin Bieber throws up, powers through Philippines showJustin Bieber is definitely a trooper.

]]><![CDATA[The teen sensation was reportedly so sick at his Monday night (May 9) show in the Philippines, that he took several breaks from the stage to vomit. Yuck. TMZ reports that the Bieb came down with a chest infection of sorts last week, but couldn’t keep it together for a full set in Manila. He did manage to finish out the show, even with a few barf breaks in between — We wonder if the Beliebers on hand could tell what was going on backstage? Before the show, JB took to Twitter letting fans now he was “Sick as a dog… But the show must go on.” Afterwards, he followed up with “That show was great but tough. real sick. time to rest. #muchlove #wegohard.” We give him props for not wanting to let down his fans, but health should come first, Biebs! Feel better soon and don’t go TOO hard.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci