justin bieber to be prosecuted report ig Justin Bieber to be prosecuted for violent fight with neighbor   report

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. wants Justin Bieber prosecuted on criminal battery charges stemming from a fight with his neighbor in Calabasas, Calif. that allegedly turned violent.
Bieber’s neighbor claims the “All Around the World” singer spit on him, dropped the ‘f’-bomb, and threatened to kill him. The dispute started when the neighbor confronted Justin over his reckless driving on their neighborhood street. Bieber’s team argues the heated exchange never got violent, but a bodyguard reportedly had to restrain the Biebs in the scuffle.
This is just the latest in a series of events the Sheriff’s Dept. feels represents a pattern of reckless disregard for the law — from drug use to multiple fights, making threats, racking up speeding tickets and constant reckless driving. Sheriff’s deputies want Bieber to get professional help, and say famous or not, the Biebs is headed down a “dangerous path.” Law enforcement tells TMZ Bieber’s is a classic case of small crimes that escalate into serious criminal misconduct.
Now it’s up to the Los Angeles County District Attorney to decide if charges will be pressed. As for Bieber, he’s currently jet setting around Europe making concert stops on his “Believe” tour. The pop star is sending nothing but positive vibes on his Twitter page, asking fans to help his mom raise money for Ethiopia, and sending out a holy holiday greeting. The Biebs tweets, “Easter. “Blessed.”

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