justin bieber pet monkey mally ig Justin Bieber wants to give confiscated monkey to a zoo, Germany says not so fast

Justin Bieber‘s monkey, Mally, was confiscated by customs officers and placed into quarantine when the “All Around the World” singer failed to provide the proper paperwork for the pet. Nearly one month later, the Biebs hasn’t bothered to scoop the animal back up.
The Associated Press reports someone claiming to represent Bieber emailed a shelter in Munich asking for recommendations for a zoo the monkey could be given to in Germany. But a spokesman for the customs department says they have yet to hear from Bieber or his legal representatives.
Customs officials say the abandoned monkey won’t be going anywhere until the proper papers are provided, and they have given the Biebs a May 17 deadline.
Mally was reportedly a gift to Justin from music producer, Mally Mall. Since everyone knows what happened last time Bieber gave away one of his pets, can we all just agree to stop letting the guy have animals?

Posted by:mchance