justin bieber csi seated Justin Bieber's 'CSI' return: Back to his evil ways“On set…where? let’s just say Im back to my evil ways. #badass,” tweeted teen sensation Justin Bieber on Tuesday, sending fans all a-flutter. (But let’s face it, he could pocket-tweet a punctuation mark and send fans all a-flutter, so that doesn’t say much.)

Yes, Bieber is back on the set of “CSI” this week where he’s reprising his role from the season premiere. He plays Jason McCann, a troubled kid who was involved in a group that rejected government authority. His brother, who was building bombs after their father-figure was arrested, was killed by the CSI team, but Bieber’s fate on the show remained a mystery

Until now. In the February 17 episode, “Targets of Obsession,” Bieber’s character calls Nick (George Eads) to warn him that he’s… well, a target of obsession. Is the fringe group coming to get revenge on the CSIs?

Between Bieber’s “CSI” appearance, “Glee” non-tribute episode, and the release of his “Never Say Never” 3-D biopic, it looks like he’s going to be unavoidable this winter.

Just like he was this fall, and over the summer, and last spring…

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie