justin bieber monkey germany stay Justin Bieber's monkey now property of GermanyAs part of his string of bizarre behaviors this year, Justin Bieber got himself a monkey back in March. Because all mega pop stars should have a weird pet, right?

Unfortunately (fortunately?), the monkey was confiscated in Germany because the Biebs didn’t have the proper paperwork for the little primate and there Mally the monkey remained while Bieber went on with his European tour.

Now the AP is reporting that Bieber’s monkey will remain in Germany because the deadline has expired for when Bieber was to produce the documents that demonstrated the monkey’s vaccination records and import papers.

Customs spokesman Thomas Meister says the documentation has not been received and the monkey officially becomes property of Germany on Tuesday (May 21). It is not immediately known where the monkey’s permanent home will be. He has been cared for at a Munich animal shelter during this whole affair.

Bieber has six weeks to contest Germany’s decision, though something tells us he probably doesn’t care.

And hey, at least he didn’t thrust the monkey off onto some unsuspecting fan. But perhaps the singer should look into what we like to call “responsible pet ownership.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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