justin bieber heartbreaker Justin Bieber's new song 'Heartbreaker' will end 'the witch hunt'

Justin Bieber has a new album on the way, but it’s not an “album” in the traditional sense.” Dubbed by manager Scooter Braun a “music journal,” the new music will be Bieber’s first record since 2012’s “Believe.” The first song off of it, “Heartbreaker,” is due out soon, and Braun promises that it will quiet Bieber’s haters.

“I’ll just tell you that we’re gonna release music it in a very, very different way with him,” Braun tells MTV News.” “And people and fans should be very excited for the end of this year because he’s just written so many songs on the road. And we decided there needs to be a way to release these songs in a different way than the normal album and be able to allow him to express himself in music while dealing with so many different bulls*** stories every single day.”

He continues, “So we’re hoping the witch hunt [is] gonna end when he really just speaks for himself in the music. And we’re gonna do it in a way that’s very, very unique, so when you see ‘Heartbreaker,’ know it’s coming directly from him and don’t think [of] the normal ‘Oh this is my single and this is going to be on the album’ [rollout], realize there’s gonna be a very unique way of how this music is going to be released unlike we’ve seen before from him.”

Meanwhile Braun made a point of supporting Bieber on Instagram as well. He posted a photo of the duo together, pledging his affection and pride in Bieber.

“Very happy tonight. I love this kid. And I have his back forever,” Braun writes. “@justinbieber is #family and I am proud of him. He is growing and pushing himself as a young man and doing it with the world watching. And what he wants is to be good. To be great. And to mean something positive to the world despite the obstacles or the pressures. His heart is pure and I will be right there with him like I promised him 6 years ago. It is all love 🙂 How we react to adversity is what defines us as men. proud of u jb. Great talk. Thank u. Love u man!”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz