Sure, Justin Bieber may be an “international singing sensation” as touted in the press release we got promoting a new campaign for his branded perfume, “Someday,” but as a marketer we’re going to go ahead and rate him as “less than sensational.”

In a low-budget clip posted to YouTube, the 17-year-old Canadian it boy has a reassuring message for dads. To paraphrase: Basically, says the Bieb, dads should be happy that their tween daughters are screaming his name because he’s serving as a distraction from neighbors.

“Relax,” he deadpans to the camera, “It’s better than having her scream ‘Joey,’ the boy who lives next door.”

Just to make sure we’re getting this: Bieber is basically pawning himself off as some kind of rudimentary protection for teenage daughters, right? We’ll stop short of calling the Bieb birth control, but the message is pretty clear: Buy your daughters my perfume and encourage an obsession with me because if not they’ll likely get real friendly-like with the grabby snot living down the street.

Bieber has, by the way, recently been snapped soaking up some South of the Border sun with girlfriend Selena Gomez, whose thoughts are obviously nowhere near Joey, the boy who lives next door.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson