rick and morty adult swim merchandise Justin Roiland reveals his dream 'Rick and Morty' merchandiseThe most frequently asked question asked to Justin Roiland about his Adult Swim series “Rick and Morty” is not anything related to the cartoon’s plot. Instead, it’s people asking when the show will start releasing merchandise.

“It’s the most-asked question, not only on that Reddit AMA, but also on my inbox on my email, on my Reddit inbox, my Twitter — any way that people are able to get ahold of me, that’s the most commonly asked question,” Roiland tells Zap2it. “It’s really, really cool. It’s a good sign.”

The fan dedication is pretty impressive, especially since “Rick and Morty” only has eight episodes under its belt. Though there aren’t any announced merchandise plans for the series yet, Roiland shared his “pie in the sky” dreams for potential merch line items.

1. Plush dolls: “I would do a line of plush dolls, starting with Rick and Morty and a Meeseek. That would be right out of the gate,” Roiland says. “Similar to how ‘Adventure Time’ did their dolls. They’re really cool.”

2. Toy figurines: “I would love to do a toy line,” Roiland says. “I would love, love, love to do a toy line reminiscent in packaging to the old ‘Masters of the Universe’ or the old ‘Ninja Turtles’ toys that were in the ’80s or early ’90s. Do really cool on-the-card art for each character, and then you start with a small series — one release of figures — and then you do Rick’s ship as a set you can buy.

“You can actually buy his spaceship and then you can pop the top open and put Rick and Morty in sitting in it, or Summer sitting in the back, or whatever you want. That would be insane.”

3. Comic books: “I would love to do a comic book. I think that would be cool to do a comic book just as something to keep the franchise alive between seasons for the fans,” he says. “There’s so many ways to do a comic book within the universe we’ve established with this show, and you’ll see as the next few episodes roll out, we really open it up even more.”

Considering these are all routes that similar Cartoon Network success story “Adventure Time” has taken, these don’t seem like such outlandish hopes on Roiland’s part. However, he says fans shouldn’t expect them to happen in the immediate future.

“That’s like super, super-optimistic in terms of what’s Adult Swim going to be willing to do this early in the show’s life,” he says. “I think more realistically we’re looking at the basic stuff to start, like T-shirts, lanyards, maybe some paper craft stuff — just because that’s kind of new and interesting and could be really neat — hoodies, hats; basically your basic softline sort of stuff.”

“Rick and Morty” airs Mondays at 12:30 a.m. PT/ET on Adult Swim.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz