Justin Timberlake had something of an awkward interview with Sabrina Sato when he visited Brazil to promote his film, “Runner, Runner.” It was so awkward, in fact, that Timberlake ended the odd conversation holding Sato’s bottom in his hands.

The interview started off in a relatively normal fashion. “What do you like best about ‘Runner, Runner,’ and about your character, Richie?” Sato asked in labored English.

Having gotten the requisite line about how interesting both film and character were, Sato moved on to the potentially controversial questions. “Do you consider yourself a new Michael Jackson?” she asked. Alas, Timberlake gave a safe answer with “Michael Jackson is the best.”

Fortunately for the cause of awkward entertainment, things got weirder from this point (just before the 2-minute mark).

“You sing and dance like a Black American … Do you want to learn to samba like a Black Brazilian?” Timberlake seemed more than a little confused by this one. Even when Sato hopped up and started showing off her moves, poor Justin merely looked scared.

This was followed by a rather long stream of Brazilian Portuguese. Apparently, there was a translator for JT, since he was able to answer … sort of. Whatever the questions were, it seemed to create still more discomfort for the actor and singer.

Then it was gift-giving time. Once the translator explained what was up, Timberlake — who looked like nothing could surprise him at this point — opened the box. Inside, he found …

“This is your butt? … It’s great. You even autographed it! Look … ‘With love.'”

It’s probably for the best that Justin missed how Sabrina wanted him to play the bottom like bongo drums.

justin timberlake sabrina sato butt runner runner Justin Timberlake interview: Sabrina Sato gives him her backside   videoThere are basically two excuses for what is in this interview. One, it’s Brazil, which definitely does interviews a bit differently. And two, Sabrina Sato actually learned English just to speak to Justin Timberlake.

Surely that’s a feat worthy of a butt in a box?

Posted by:Laurel Brown